Shifting Summer Sands

Returning from a few days at Whangapoua beach in the Coromandel. A very special place I’ve been going to for many years now, lots of memories – like this painting above “Summer Sands” from 1993, going round the rocks to the harbour…

rounds the rocks to Whangapoua Harbour

seeing the changes over the years; in the shifting sands, in the village, in my friends, in me…and in my paintings!

heading to New Chums beach…

One of the great things about Whangapoua is walking over to the neighbouring beach, New Chums. You can only access it by foot (or boat) so it still has that feel of being untouched, something that is increasingly rare and precious on the Coromandel Peninsula. So I’m feeling sad and anxious that the future of this precious place is again under pressure from developers.

Chums battle to save paradise:

All power to the people battling to save New Chums for everyone! I know from my own experience how draining these processes are. Let’s hope that people power can persuade the Government (or some other benefactor) to buy it and turn it into a regional park for future generations to enjoy.

you can see more about New Chums Beach here.


7 thoughts on “Shifting Summer Sands

  1. When I first started WP 2 years ago I read about and saw locations I have never seen, nor that I knew existed. I have never heard of this island or where this was taken. I either feel very dumb or super smart for discovering this through your eyes. I choose the latter. Is that sand soft on this beach? I was wondering given the color. In Florida the sand is white and fine. So interesting your world! 😀


    1. Both of these beaches are on the Coromandel Peninsula here in New Zealand – it’s a long way from Oklahoma, down here in the South Pacific. I understand why you hadn’t heard of them!
      The sand is indeed soft, it’s paradise and relatively unspoilt, New Chums is totally – so far. Another beach not far from these called Hotwater Beach has hot springs in the sand!
      Like you I am seeing daily the most awesome places from all around our incredible planet. It speaks sweetly to my soul.


      1. Gosh that makes me smile! I grew up in Arkansas, close to Hot Springs where they have these types of natural springs. The land where I grew up had a cold water spring, so cold I could barely stand to hold my foot in, but in the summer it was nice. So amazing water coming out of the earth, I can imagine bubbling up from the sand would make like little volcanoes certainly ripples of some sort. I can imagine you have amazing flowers there. I love the trees I have seen so interesting the shapes. To me it seems like you live in paradise, as you said! I believe you! We all need some sweet words spoken to our souls, makes us sigh and remember being a kid! 😀


  2. An area like that should be protected by all means! I have been to the Coromandel Peninsula and Hot Water Beach in 2007/2008 and I was awed. I am putting New Chums Beach on my list for my next visit. Fingers crossed that it will still be unspoiled without any housing development. The article you are referencing is from 2010, but as you wrote the blog I guess the development plans are still on the table unfortunately?
    I love the title by the way. 🙂


    1. Hiya, Of course it should be protected! But money is power :(. The case Is again before the environment Protection Authority but the Resource Management Act which governs these things has been recently weakened in favour of developers. It is certainly a special place and worth a visit. Thankyou for calling into my site too!


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