Like we own the place

Back for a few weeks in paradise. The geckos have taken over the cabins. They silently accommodate to our presence, (well maybe just the occasional chunnering in the night), and it makes me stop and think about how we swan in like we own the place. Radically altering their living space for our comfort. They… Continue reading Like we own the place

“Trees for Travel” – Carbon Offset scheme

“TREES FOR TRAVEL” IS MY DIAMOND APPROACH RETREAT GROUP’s WAY OF MITIGATING THE EFFECTS ON THE PLANET OF OUR TRAVEL TO RETREAT. We’ve set up this scheme to plant trees to offset our CO2 emissions. A trust fund has been established to receive donations and from our recent retreat enough was deposited to plant around 500… Continue reading “Trees for Travel” – Carbon Offset scheme

Rising Tide….

“Rising Tide”, oil on canvas, 200 x 400mm NZ$1,250. The surging tide down at Houghton Bay, you really feel the pure power and force of nature. I got so entranced by it I almost got washed away! “Morning Light”, oil on canvas, 200 x 400mm NZ$980. The delicacy of the winter morning sun. Two of… Continue reading Rising Tide….