Gallery of Sold Works


“Here Today….Gone Tomorrow” oil on two canvases, 30 x 110cm. More…
Facing the Light
“Facing the Light” – West Coast, oil on canvas, 600x900mm,  more about this painting
‘The Camelot’, oil on canvas, 600x900mm
“Approaching Southerly” – Island Bay, Wellington. Oil on canvas 600x900mm 2016


"A Sense of Security"
“A Sense of Security” oil on board, 20 x 30cm, 1993. More…



September Sun
“September Sun” – Wellington Harbour from Roseneath”, pastel on board, 460 x 710mm, 1990
Heading out to See
“Heading out to See” – Wellington Heads. Oil on canvas 70x100cm, 2017 more
“Turning Towards Home” – Woodville. Oil on canvas, 30x90cm, more
“Nature’s Heart” – Ventana Wilderness, California. Oil on canvas, 40x120cm 2016. More…


“A Sliver of Hope” – Wellington Harbour, oil on canvas, 60 x 60cm, $3,500

“A New Dawn” – Waitaki, oil on canvas 500x700mm

13 thoughts on “Gallery of Sold Works

  1. I saw your paintings on a TV programme where your house was being built. I loved the paintings ( and your house also ;)). We visited beautiful New Zealand in 2013 and the atmosphere was very nicely captured in your paintings. My warm compliments from a Dutchy living in Germany.


  2. Hi Ian
    Like your art work .l bought a piece of artwork a few years back at auction . It’s an oil of a pair of jandals on a beach front , the signature is very small looks to be Iankhamlin 81 did you ever sign like this with I presume your middle initial.
    It has a Roslyn gallery sticker on the back. If it is one of your paintings just would like to know what beach it is,happy to send you a photograph.
    Cheers for your time Chris Williams.


    1. Hi Chris, glad to hear from you. Yes I remember the painting, but it takes me back awhile! From memory it’s on Smaills beach near Dunedin. I spent three happy years down there before moving to Wellington. For many years I signed my paintings with my middle initial R. I trust you’re enjoying the painting and it inspires reveries of happy days barefoot on the beach! Cheers Ian


      1. Thank for your comment Ian , yes Smials beach cheers , often take the dogs there. We are spoilt for beautiful white beaches down here a bit like golden bay, my favourite is Long beach. If i was not living here i would be living in Golden Bay my two favourite place in N.Z. Thanks again.


      2. I remember going out to Allans Beach and Hoopers Inlet quite a bit. I’ve done a few paintings from out that way. Thanks for reminding me!😀 I love Golden Bay too, almost bought a place over there but ended up here in the Marlborough Sounds, fabulous. You might have seen us on Grand Designs NZ – the Pod House? Cheers


    1. Hi Karen, I don’t do prints of my works as a rule. I’ve found that they don’t do the paintings justice. There’s an aliveness that the paintings have that doesn’t seem to translate through the print process. Get in touch and see if I can help with an original! I like to find ways….


      1. Thanks Ian. Unfortunately as a primary teacher I am not in the position to buy one of your beautiful originals at the moment. We saw your work (and lovely house) on grand designs and thought it was worth checking whether you did prints. Thanks for the speedy reply. I hope this finds you well. Karen


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