Paintings Gallery

Welcome to my online Gallery. This is a representative selection of my paintings and they are available for sale. Generally speaking if you like them on here you’ll love them in person!

“Sliver of Hope II” – Kenepuru Sound, oil on canvas, 600x900mm, $6,000 SOLD
“Into the Light” – Punakaiki West Coast. oil on canvas, SOLD, $3,750
“Silent Stillness – Bradshaw Arm Doubtful Sound” – oil on canvas 40x60cm $2850 – SOLD
“Matariki – Into the Light” oil on canvas 600x600mm $3,500
Big Skies, Wairarapa
“Big Skies” – Wairarapa, oil on canvas, 300x900mm, $4,550, SOLD
Still Point
“Still Point” – oil on canvas, 30x20cm, $850 SOLD
“Reach for the Sky” – Mt Cook, oil on canvas, 800x1200mm,$9,800 more here
“Morning Mists” – Kenepuru Head, oil on canvas, 400x 1200mm, $6,500
Awakening and Surrender
“Awakening and Surrender” -Houghton Bay, Wellington, oil on canvas, 100 x 50 cm, $6,250 SOLD. more…
Tuscan Memories
“Tuscan Memories” – Montalcino, oil on canvas, 30x90cm, $3,950, SOLD more…
Facing the Wind
“Facing the Wind – Piha” oil on canvas, 90x60cm, $4,975, SOLD more…
on ice 1
“On Ice” – Bridgewater Canal, Cheshire UK, oil on canvas, 20x20cm, US$300, more about this painting…
Big Blue
“The Big Blue” – McKenzie Basin. oil on canvas, 60x90cm, $4,950
“Life at the Lake” – Pukaki, oil on canvas, 20x20cm, $450
“Last Sun” – Karamea West Coast, oil on canvas, 25x135cm, $7,250
“First Light” Frankton. oil on canvas, 60x90cm, $4750 SOLD
“Last Light” – Bullock Creek Canyon, Paparoas National Park, oil on canvas, 460x900mm, nz$5,250
“Turning on the Light” oil on canvas 60x60cm, $2,000, SOLD. more…
Into the West - Wharariki Beach
“Into the West” – Wharariki, oil on canvas, 40 x120cm, $4,995 SOLD
“First Light – Walter Peak”, oil on board, 37 x 20cm, US$595 SOLD
“Over the Hill and into the Light” – Lewis Pass, oil on canvas, 30x90cm $2850 SOLD
Another World
“Doorways to Another World” Khuri Village Rajasthan India, oil on board, $8,620, more…

if you’d like to purchase or commission a painting please get in touch here, its easy! cheers Ian…


42 thoughts on “Paintings Gallery

  1. Saw you on the Grand Designs program and I was so impressed by your paintings. Hopefully you will have more for sale soon. You are brillant! – Larry from the USA

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  2. Ian…you’re painting are really amazing…..when I saw the available classes, before finding out where you are, I was hoping you’re in the US…..any chance of doing a class in Texas? – Lito


    1. Thank you Lito! Texas is a place I’ve yet to visit but I do come over to California two or three times a year. But I can also do some online sessions if you’d like?


      1. Thanks Ian….so there’s hope after all!….I’m also travelling to California many times a year as my daughter is studying in Pepperdine in Malibu. In fact we’re going there this Wed. Maybe one day on one of your visit we can set-up something. When you got a chance, please send me the info about how the online version works. Thx. – Lito (


  3. Beautiful, inspiring work and life. The way you capture the light… is splendid and unique. Your strong connection with nature comes across. It is inspiring you’ve been doing what you love for 40 years and I cannot even mention the fact you make lavender oil, I love lavender 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Thank you for your kindness. It has been such a gift to have been able to live this life for so many years – thanks to all the people who support me by buying my paintings!
      ….and the lavender is great fun too!

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    1. Thank you! They look more photographic at this scale and on the screen etc but the actual painting usually has an ‘aliveness’ that actually feels more real so you’re less aware of the painting itself – it takes you to another place – with any luck!

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  4. Hi. I am impressed and curious about your work. Are you combining photography with oil painting? I see you have the camera settings posted alongside the oil painting image. Do you paint from a photo? Or over a printed photo? The results of whatever you are doing are lovely. Karlum


    1. Hi Karlum, thanks for your kind words. Because light is a fleeting thing I use the camera to capture the quality of light in the moment, the painting takes its own journey from there. The camera settings are from the photo of the painting – when I work out how to turn them off I will!


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