Paradise Road

“Paradise Road” – Glen Orchy, Queenstown. oil on Canvas, 20cm x 20cm

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”- John Muir

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5 thoughts on “Paradise Road

  1. Lovely quote and like the light in this piece – I imagine you have an enviable assortment of brushes. Enjoy the rest of your week and hope your studio is progressing well. Next step for us is retaining walls. 🙂


    1. Thanks, I fear your imagination is grander than the reality, I just have a few old favourites really and quite a number of bedraggled stragglers!
      I’m heading back down to the Sounds on Thursday for a day or two to finish the floor joists on the Studio – it’s going to be an ongoing project I suspect!
      Good luck with your retainers – That sounds like a big job!


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