Taking orders…

I’m in full on production mode right now on my calendar for 2016….Screenshot 2015-11-18 13.17.50

Featuring a selection of my paintings over the past twelve months plus a couple of earlier ones that have featured on my blog this year. Its a very limited edition calendar printed on glossy photo paper and I’m taking orders now if you’d like one. They’re NZ$30 within New Zealand and US$20 for international (plus postage).

Screenshot 2015-11-18 19.46.31

you can buy it online at my shop at Shopify

11 thoughts on “Taking orders…

  1. Are you still taking orders for the 2016 calendar(shopify link not avail when I tried)? if so, what is the size of the calendar?


    1. It’s easy, I’m in the process of setting up online payments but in the meantime I’ll be in touch by email to let you know! Thanks Patricia I’m very happy you’ll see my paintings everyday!😊

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      1. Thank you!! I would like to say I’ll be looking at it every day, but it’s a gift for my son, a photographer now living in England. I sent him a link to your blog quite some time ago because I was so impressed with the way your art looked like real photographs. So he will be the one to hang it, though I will peruse it before giving it away.
        Thanks again!


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