Planting the seed

The last of the spring planting is done at ‘Hou Ngahere’! We got the final 30 Kowhai trees in the ground (part of the 270 from the Easter planting) before it dries out for the summer.

The last of the spring planting in the Trees for Travel scheme


Now we’re watching the Kereru (Wood Pigeon) shred the older Kowhai trees. Its not all bad though, having them visit us on the land brings the seeds of the bigger trees which are now starting to pop up as seedlings all over the place – this is some compensation for the damage they do!

The Kereru shredding the Kowhai tree while planting the seeds of the forest!

So all our hard work is enhanced by our friends from the sky, and the forest biodiversity grows by itself!

6 thoughts on “Planting the seed

    1. The Kereru is indeed beautiful, its a large pigeon native to New Zealand. Its protected now but was a prized food by the Maori and its feathers are used in their ceremonial cloaks. I’d love to see your Florida parrots… I’ve loved birds since I was a kid.


  1. The Kereru photo is awesome. It is hard to bend your mind around that it is spring there and it is fall here heading into winter. Is it a wide area you are planting. It seemed like not too long ago you were planting trees also. Be well.


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