Giving back

We’re back at Hou Ngahere for a week of tree planting…..

Our Diamond Approach retreat group, the IRG, has committed to plant trees to offset the carbon emissions used in attending the two retreats in California each year. Called “Trees for Travel“, the scheme really has something tangible to show for it now with the arrival from Titoki Nurseries in Nelson of 220 eco sourced native trees. It’s a simple scheme where every dollar goes directly towards the trees in the ground. They’ve been paid for by donations into the “Trees for Travel” fund.

Watch a short video of us talking about the origins of the project here

It’s not going to save the world – but every drop makes the ocean, and it feels really good to be making such a positive contribution to enriching the ecosystem  – knowing also that they’re protected forever by the covenant on the land.


More updates on the planting progress to come!

15 thoughts on “Giving back

  1. This is great! Very inspiring to see someone taking matters into their own hands and making a difference. I love the quote “It’s not going to save the world – but every drop makes the ocean…”


    1. Thanks for that, it has been amazing – the sense of empowerment that has arisen out of the process, not just for us but our whole group. I can sense that it will grow into a much bigger thing too. One of our group has now found a reserve in Ohio they can plant into! The ocean is growing…

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  2. How noble of you guys. This is awesome 🙂 Just the post one hopes to find! It has brought happiness to my heart to see such loving groups of people working together to love the land. Thanks for liking my post on EmbracingTheOne. Best of luck with everything at the retreats in Cali. 🙂


  3. You may not change the entire world but you all are certainly making a different in your inner circle of hearts and I think that is most profound! At least to me it is! Bravo! 😀 Happy Sunday almost Monday to you! 😀


    1. Yes it was set up in response to feelings of despair and powerlessness around climate change. For some people donating money seems their only option, but it has already sowed some seeds of hope and empowerment. Some of our group have now found local opportunities to engage in tree planting projects too, it feels good on many levels.


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