Art Classes

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

I never saw myself as a teacher, but….In the late eighties I was asked to help someone fulfill a lifetimes desire to paint. It quickly developed to the point where the numbers of students outgrew my studio. I also did a few terms at the Inverlochy Art School and I now have monthly classes at the Hutt Art Society studios, a class in Mapua (near Nelson) and in Palmerston North. See the 2018 dates below .

The classes have painters of all ages and levels from absolute beginners onwards. While I encourage my students to begin with oils – the most forgiving medium, any mediums and styles are encouraged. All aspects of the painting process are covered in the class including drawing, perspective, composition, colour theory, many other technical issues and the the more esoteric like dealing with the inner critic and the unfolding of the creative urge. With one on one guidance I encourage everyone to develop a confidence in their own unique expression – at their own pace.

IMG_0336It has been extremely rewarding to see everyone develop and flourish, amid a very supportive atmosphere. My students regularly exhibit as a group or individually and most end up selling their work. Not to mention that they have in turn taught me so much!

Rosy's painting
“You helped me solve the beautiful highlight on her wrist and hand, it made all of the difference. You are a great teacher” ~ Rosy Hoy via facebook

We welcome new members to the classes so if you’re feeling the urge to unleash your inner painter, It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced painter wanting to explore some new terrain, come with your art gear ready to paint – something you are working on or something to start!!!

“I would recommend Ian Hamlin as a teacher par excellence. I have been to his classes for many years and have found him unfailingly generous and helpful with his knowledge. I particularly appreciate that he leaves his students to choose their own subjects, in effect tutoring each person individually. It is a joy to paint in a class with such a good teacher and where everyone is doing their own thing; the feedback is tremendous.” ~ Bea Stewart, Wellington

call me on 021 0224 1915 for a basic list of materials to get you started and any other queries, then come and join us…….and because the tuition is one-on-one attendance is very flexible, you can come for as long or as often as you want.

here are the class dates and times for 2018:

The Wellington class:  Sundays 1-5pm at the Hutt Art Society, Huia St, Lower Hutt

21st January

19th February

19th March

29th April

27th May

24th June

22nd July

26th August

30th September

21st October

18th November

In Nelson:  Saturdays 12 – 4pm at the Mapua Community Centre

the dates for 2018 are as follows:

17th February

10th March

21st April

19th May

16th June

14th July

18th August

8th September

13th October

10th November

15th December.

and in Palmerston North:   Saturday afternoons 1 -5pm at Blanchetts, 58 Napier Road

the dates for 2018 are:

21st January

18th February

18th March

28th April

26th May

23rd June

21st July

25th August

29th September

20th October

17th November

Unleashing your Creative Spirit is a lot of fun so come and join us!

STUDIO TO STUDIO: Virtual Painting Classes

If you can’t make it to one of these classes and you need a bit of help with a painting issue, there is also the opportunity to work with me one-on-one online.  I’ve recently been working with out of town painters by Skype or Zoom for one hour sessions where you have the opportunity to engage with me at the easel in my studio and problem solve together, have demonstrations etc.

“Painting is self discovery – every good artist paints what he is” ~ Jackson Pollock

for further information and details contact me here:

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