The Pied Piper of….

“The Pied Piper: Ian Hamlin” is a pencil drawing by Morris Campbell, its one of the artworks in the exhibition of my Wellington students opening on Monday Night at 6pm….it’s a great show and I’d love to see you there – at the Hutt Art Society!

Views of the show….

Wellington Students exhibition
Wellington Students exhibition

All Sorts 2015 (2) All Sorts 2015 (1)

Its fantastic to see the fruits of our efforts and the exhibition is a great showcase of their talent.

I can’t promise I’ll play a tune though….
The exibition is open daily from 10-4 and runs till 10 May.

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One thought on “The Pied Piper of….

  1. I can imagine this is very exciting. I think it is wonderful that you teach painting! This is one area of the arts that I was not gifted in this. I can draw, and paint gigantic signs but not like this! You are really amazingly talented I’m sure you hear this a lot, just thought I would say I admire this talent! 🙂


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