Reach for the Sky…

Getting into the clear air and bright light, the places we rarely go…..our aspirations
 ‘Reach for the Sky’ – the Southern Alps near Mt Cook, oil on canvas, 60 x 120cm 


Once in a while

You may come across a place

Where everything

Seems as close to perfection

As you will ever need.

And striving to be faultless

The air on it’s knees

Holds the trees apart,

Yet nothing is categorically

Thus, or that, and before the dusk

Mellows and fails

The light is like honey

On the stems of tussock grass,

And the shadows

Are mauve birthmarks

On the hills.
~ Brian Turner, from ‘the nature of things’ poems from the New Zealand landscape

Feel the crispness

Reach for the Sky…..
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6 thoughts on “Reach for the Sky…

      1. On the blog and your website that is my experience. Human consciousness needs as many reminders of beauty and harmony that it can get. These call us collectively back to our senses and a luscious sensuous relation with Nature. Thank you for giving your gift of art into the stream of human consciousness.


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