September Special….Make an offer

As we close in on completion of our new and spectacular house….and Chris Moller from “Grand Designs” keeps asking where’s the contingency?

I’m thinking its time to get you involved! I’m happy to offer 30% off the listed price to get our house finished! So heres your chance to make an offer on any of my paintings in my Paintings Gallery to furnish the contingency!

so go on, let’s talk!
contact me here

7 thoughts on “September Special….Make an offer

  1. Hi, saw the Grand Designs program. Do you have holiday accommodation? Lovely spot. Thanks, Julius


    1. Hi Julius, that was quite a trip eh? We do indeed have holiday accommodation. We have turned our Summerhouses and Yurt into a Glam-Camping BnB. It has proven to be very successful and we’ve been able to share our paradise with many guests from around the world – and more latterly kiwis! If you want to check us out you can here
      We’ve currently got a covid-winter special going that’s keeping us busy! So if you want to come and experience it too, just be in touch! Cheers Ian


    1. Hi Donna yes I do, if you look at my Gallery page it has the prices there for each painting. They’re in Kiwi dollars unless stated otherwise. If you’d like to purchase one just be in touch and we’ll work out the logistics. Cheers Ian


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