Heading Out To See

On the day I left Wellington I met one of my dear neighbours. The sight of the removal van inspired her to commission a painting of our beloved a South Coast….. she’d been meaning to for years – and now here it is!

“Heading Out to See” Pencarrow Light and Baring Head Wellington, oil on canvas, 75x100cm


We’re in a little boat,

And we’re heading out to see

Beyond the old familiar headlands

To the wild seas out there…

Inquiring into depths below,

the deep and lucid blue.

And then a longing for the journey home.

It’s Wellington,

It’s a good day!

“Tim and I had such a rewarding time working with Ian on the creation of this painting. Ian helped us through the process of deciding on location/feel/perspective and then we left the rest up to his talent, ‘eye’ and love of the South coast. We are delighted with the painting!” – KC

see more of my paintings in the Paintings Gallery 

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