Kia ora!

Hi there

I’ve accepted a nomination to stand for the Wellington Regional Council in the upcoming Local Body Elections.

please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the campaign or Greater Wellinton.

you can find out a bit more about me (and my paintings) on my website  or email me at

lookout here for other postings of campaign documents, announcements and ideas.

and remember to vote by 13th October .. I figure I need about 20,000 easy!

One thought on “Kia ora!

  1. After a very entertaining and well attended candidates meeting in Aro Valley last night it really feels like the campaign has got started.
    shortly I’ll have my manifesto posted and you’ll be able to email it on to all you know – the AMWAY method of election campaigning!

    Good news yesterday as a buyer came forward for my donated painting “Calm Before the Storm” – Te Raekaihau Point, and paid $6,500 for it in support of the “Save the Point” campaign!
    The campaign for moving the Marine Education Centre to the Maranui Quarry site in Lyall Bay is still awaiting the environment court decision, but with huge legal bills still to be paid my donation will go a little way to relieving some pressure on the team. You will shortly be able to link into my submissions on the case too – keep in touch!
    cheers Ian


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