Paper free campaign feedback

I’ve just received this email in, so it seems the email campaign is on message!  –

Ian, I’m not usually impressed by local body electioneering and I just don’t vote.  But the paper-free campaign is a statement that you practise what you preach, and so you WILL have my vote.

And I will try to help get the word out.


(name removed for privacy)

2 thoughts on “Paper free campaign feedback

  1. Thanks for the very positive feedback – I’m hopeful that this is the way of the future. A liitle freaky as a candidate as its a kind of invisible campaign. But at least there’s not a mountain of paper going to the rubbish!
    cheers Ian


  2. Hey Ian,

    I have to agree with the person who sent you that message – it is fantastic to see a candidate who is running a sustainable campaign.




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