On the spot 

I was honoured last week to be invited to be the guest Judge of the Fielding and Districts Art Society Annual exhibition. The  show includes an ANZAC commemorative section called “Fields of Dreams”. The standard of submissions was impressive and it was no easy matter to decide the section winners, this is a selection of the winning works and Congratulations to the artists:

Raemon Rolfe: “That Climb up…”, mixed media
Colin Hoare: “Robin Williams”, oil
Ruth Champion: “Akitio River ” – watercolour
Susan Worthington:
Susan Worthington: “Spring Storm” – acrylic

There’s more information about the exhibition here.

It’s a great story of a small rural community’s engagement and enthusiasm, how they have bought a former plumbers showroom and turned it into a community arts centre with a gallery and studio workshop space.

It was a pleasure to be put on the spot in this way and if you’re in the Manawatu call in and see it!

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