Out of the blue

One of the really nice things about painting, especially for as many years as I’ve been at it, is how they become family treasures. Yesterday, out of the blue, this arrived in my inbox….

“Evening Calm” – Te Anau Downs, oil on board, 60x90cms

“Your attached 1982 painting takes pride of place on my wall.
My grandfather was the original owner of the piece. Whenever I visited his house I would make sure to spend some time observing the work… and as time would tell it would eventually be passed down to its keenest fan. These days my 3 year old son is the newest observer, although I struggle to convince him that it’s not a photo. Amazingly you painted this at only 22 years of age. Testing your memory, I am wondering if you can shed some light onto the origins, title or significance of the painting.. where is the scape. I’d love to visit the scene one day.
Well, thanks for your time. Rest assured that this old painting is still being appreciated and will continue to be for generations to come.”

The painting was from the lakefront at Te Anau Downs. I went there on my honeymoon all those years ago. There is a magic in the evening stillness amongst the grandeur of the mountains, and I remember this painting as being one of the highlights of my 1982 exhibition at the Moray Gallery in Dunedin.

It warms my heart to be reconnected with those early works and to hear that it’s still working its magic on new generations, although I don’t remember it being as pink as this!

29 thoughts on “Out of the blue

    1. Thank you too, I really enjoy catching up with them again – especially after such a long time. And isn’t there something magical in being amongst the trees at night, it’s definitely otherworldly, something else altogether!

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  1. How wonderful that a ‘child’ you have sent out into the world is so treasured and has given a family so much pleasure. It’s a beautiful painting. You are obviously very talented.


  2. Interesting… As a photographer, I only give away or sell prints of my work. No “originals”.

    There’s a sense of a child coming home for a visit — or a dear friend you haven’t seen in years — in what you’ve written. I suppose for some works it must feel like letting something loved go.

    Lovely painting… and I understand very well how the son might insist it’s a photograph.


    1. They do feel like a child returning or meeting a long lost friend and there is a kind of grieving at exhibitions too as if it’s a family gathering and you won’t see them again afterwards. (only relieved a little bit by the fact that it means you can pay the mortgage!)

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