A trip to Paradise!

 At the top of the lake, in the heart of Lord of the Rings country, is a place called Paradise….and it truly is!

the top of the Lake
Glenorchy wetlands
Paradise Station
the Dart Valley
Beech Forest, Mt Aspiring National Park
Paradise Valley
the road to Paradise
Dart River, Paradise Valley
“When we can truly see and understand the earth, love is born in our hearts. We feel connected. That is the meaning of love: to be at one. Only when we’ve fallen back in love with the earth will our actions spring from reverence and the insight of our interconnectedness. Yet many of us have become alienated from the earth. We are lost, isolated, and lonely. We work too hard, our lives are too busy, and we are restless and distracted, losing ourselves in consumption. But the earth is always there for us, offering us everything we need for our nourishment and healing: the miraculous grain of corn, the refreshing stream, the fragrant forest, the majestic snow-capped mountain peak, and the joyful birdsong at dawn.”    — Thich Nhat Hanh, Wake Up to the Revolution 
I can feel some paintings germinating…!

12 thoughts on “A trip to Paradise!

  1. Beautiful photos…Well I am inspired..Perth does not have the same exciting landscape…Will have to come and see all this beauty and great pics for reference …I am soooo jealous…looking forward to your next paintings


    1. It is definitely worth a trip down there, it is truly awe inspiring to be surrounded by such dramatic landscape! Mind you I remember Perth very fondly from my time there in ’86.


  2. Mmmmmm…..

    Your featured image… it’s exactly the kind of frame I’d set.

    That, and knowing your exquisite technique, I had to check a couple times to make sure it was, indeed, a photograph. 😉

    And, yes, I’m betting on Paradise Station and Top of the Lake finding their way — at least in part or theme — to canvas.

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  3. Great images ….im sure that those paintings are germinating…… I was up there last year in june….we stayed in a farm house just down from the beginning of the routeburn. It is truly inspiirng country. We didnt have as many snowcapped mountains : ))


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