Remote Awakening 

I love the wilderness, it opens my heart to the wonder. At the same time it can be somewhat isolating. Having just flown across the Pacific to spend a week exploring my inner depths and the meaning of life with the Diamond Approach, I have to say it’s incredible to experience in person the awake aliveness of these beings.

But now this has arrived in my inbox and there is a great opportunity to be with them online – which is nearly as good!

Even over here in the remotest corners of the planet in todays shrinking world so many opportunities are now available to us. When I started in this work there was no such thing as Broadband or wifi and the whole notion of being able to find and connect with these incredible teachers from here at home was some kind of fantasy….playing with my iPad to explore my soul sounds like heaven to me!

If only this had been available to me 30 years ago!

Check it out I’m sure they will inspire you too….

 The Ridwhan School of the Diamond Approach is excited to be partnering with Conscious 2 to bring you a free online live workshop with Hameed Ali (A H Almaas) and Karen Johnson on Sunday 4th October. Please join us for this fascinating dive into the question of how technology meets our inner awakening. You can discover more and watch a short video with Hameed and Karen talking about the workshop at

In the internet age we are bombarded with enormous amounts of information. It has the effect of keeping us updated with events that are happening in our human brothers and sisters around the world, and at the same time becoming less in contact with ourselves and those closest to us.

Since the dominance of technology will only accelerate, how can we learn to use it in ways that support our deeper realization, rather than inhibit it?
For example, does being connected digitally through texts, e-mails, and social media all have to do with something in your thinking mind, or can something deeper be involved? Is your heart connected? Is your consciousness in its totality impacted and responding? How can you bring more of your being into the virtual world?

In this 3-hour FREE live stream, Founders of the Diamond Approach, A H Almaas and Karen Johnson, will be exploring these important questions, and ultimately rather than seeing technology as something to tolerate, to understand it as a reflection of unity and presence, and a powerful vehicle to support our individual and collective awakening.

This workshop will be followed in November by a 6-week course delving deeper into how we can use technology to wake up spiritually. More information on that course will follow in October.
To register for this introductory workshop for free, please do visit 

Warmest wishes,

The Diamond Approach Online Team

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