Behind the Vail

My little painting of the Aspens in Vail is now winging its way to New York, sold at the fundraising auction during my latest Diamond Approach Retreat.

“Behind the Vail” – Aspens in Vail, Colorado. Oil on canvas, 15x15cm

Together and yet alone, 

venturing behind the veils

 into the universe of the unknowing 

– relaxed and confident?
 “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

15 thoughts on “Behind the Vail

      1. I now have cable…so Skype is possible. I will be traveling till early Dec. Perhaps a lesson then? I need to know how to set up a painting…back asswards I know…since I’ve been painting about 30 yrs 😛


      2. Just email me when you’re ready to set up a time, it’s exciting to meet you!
        Setting up a painting? Do you mean preparing the canvas, designing and drawing a composition, or where to begin the painting?

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