Flying high

Bringing it on home: Part three. The final delivery of the house.

After the perilous long and winding road and the steep climb up the driveway there was the just little matter of lifting the house off the trucks and up onto its foundations!

Digger driver and wild goat hunter extraordinaire Richard watches the final crane preparationsThe first pod successfully makes it up the hill ready to be swung up onto its final destination. We can breathe a little easier now – the plan is unfolding and it might just work!A little wobble when this truck bellied out at the top of the driveway but undaunted the bedroom is on the wing! Then the office and bathroom joins it.Slowly the six pods take flight. The team was slick and steady, mindfulness and calm personified! As one by one the pods were delivered up the hill and flown to their nest. With exact, to the millimetre, precision and delicacy worthy of a team of surgeons the house is formed under the watchful eye of “Grand Designs” TV.The bundles of insulation are one of the cool features of the house, part of making it a sustainable eco-house, made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s chemical free and zero carbon rated. The wood is Eucalyptus Regnans which has it’s own story – for another time!Steady progress is made and without any mishaps or delays the house takes its arcing shape around the hill and for the first time we can see the architect’s vision of the pods and their joining wedges emerge in all its glory, and it’s brilliant!In celebratory style the fiery sky salutes the house’s arrival with just one pod to go!At the end of the darkening day the final pod alights….We can all relax, the eagle has landed!

An incredible sense of relief and exhilaration and all the months of looking at the bare hill wondering if it’s going to work are forgotten, our house is here!

David, the craftsman-builder, made a fabulous curry from Richard’s goat which was shared with a few beers and stories told round the fire that night by an incredible team of guys that were impeccable in pulling off a monumental task with such grace!

The new day dawns and it’s hard to believe so much has happened since the previous one, it was a big day! The crane left, the digger has gone. Peace returns…..and with it a large dollop of gratitude!One of the joys of living here is watching the circling hawks floating effortlessly over us and its the sense you get of the house floating over the bush, gently alighting on the hillside…..

There’s still much to be done of course but hey, look at that!

12 thoughts on “Flying high

  1. I just looked up where you are… i’ve never been to that part of nz tho i have seen pics and docs about it…. like one of your amazing paintings ….all the best!!!!!


    1. I’ve been coming here for nearly 29 years now and even today, just looking down onto the waters edge still took my breath away. It is stunningly beautiful and heart opening. We’re on the Queen Charlotte Walkway so when you do wander past, be sure to call in!


  2. I can only imagine the months/years of planning that got it to this stage.
    You must be dancing with anticipation. Can’t wait to see the next step.


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