Splendid Isolation…

The birds are singing (along with the Italians!) and the sun keeps rising and come tides in and out. It feels like a great time just to sit and ‘be in the moment’ in Splendid Isolation here at Ngahere Hou.

“Moving Sky II” – The Kenepuru Sound from Ngahere Hou oil on canvas 30x30cm

This is my latest painting of the view from here, that I did for one of our last Glam-Camping visitors. The dawn sky on the incoming tide.

With our Glamping season coming to an abrupt end due to covid-19 I find myself with some extra time to commit to the easel. Every cloud has it’s silver lining it seems! Not that there’s not a million and one other things to do here but I’m really looking forward to getting back into my painting after a very busy summer of visitors.

Perfect isolation in The Yurt with hammock…

The splendid isolation that we experience everyday here is perfect for painting and reflection, not to mention isolating yourself from the virus. We have space here now so if you need to spend some time in isolation contact us to see how we can help. You can check us out at Ngahere Hou

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