Still Point

My latest painting “Still Point”, looking in…. reflections on the interior. “When you are looking at a pool of water and you see a reflection, you know the reflected object is not really there it is just a reflection. You know that what is there is water. It is the same thing with the mind.… Continue reading Still Point

The loss of Democracy in New Zealand

A great article by New Zealander of the Year Dame Anne Salmond in the Herald about the steady erosion of democracy in New Zealand under the Neo-Liberal thinking that has got a stranglehold on Western thinking… ” In the 1980s, neo-liberal doctrines were introduced in a number of countries. As the unfettered pursuit of profit… Continue reading The loss of Democracy in New Zealand

Saved the Point!

Great news today that the Environment Court has declined the building of the Marine Education Centre on Te Raekaihau Point on the South Coast. It is fantastic that the naturalness of our iconic coastline will be protected as reserve as it is designated! As I said in my submission to the court, Marine Education is… Continue reading Saved the Point!

Preliminary Results: 6,449 votes!

Preliminary results show that I received 6,449 votes which is a fantastic achievement for a first attempt. As it turned out I needed just under twice that number to get elected. Considering that I only decided to stand as the nominations were due and only spent $500 on the campaign the result is a brilliant… Continue reading Preliminary Results: 6,449 votes!

Big Issues: Water Supply

During the next term of this Council a decision will need to be made regarding meeting the supply of water to Wellington as demand is expected to match the existing capacity by 2013.  So far the two options being considered are to build a new reservoir at a cost of up to $150m with unquantified ecological costs, or… Continue reading Big Issues: Water Supply

Paper free campaign feedback

I’ve just received this email in, so it seems the email campaign is on message!  – Ian, I’m not usually impressed by local body electioneering and I just don’t vote.  But the paper-free campaign is a statement that you practise what you preach, and so you WILL have my vote. And I will try to help get the word… Continue reading Paper free campaign feedback