The World is Magic!

“The world is magic.

If we allow ourselves to see the world without our ton of cabbage,

what we see is full of wonder and mystery all the time.

It’s beautiful, colourful, magical,

transforming each moment.” ~ A.H. Almaas

"Prickly on the Other side" oil on board, 750x500mm
“Prickly on the Other side” – oil on board, 750x500mm, 1993

There’s magic everywhere…
It’s just about looking,
And seeing.

Beyond the cabbages!

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A.H. Almaas is a co founder of the Diamond Approach

12 thoughts on “The World is Magic!

  1. Hi Ian … If you see a post with a similar theme – it’s mere coincidence! That was my blog “theme” for the week albeit with my take. On to yours – firstly, stunning painting – the light, the subject and the three-dimensional rendering is exceptional. Personally for me it’s a wonderful twist on the “grass isn’t always greener” notion but done in a very inspired way. Enjoyed this post – thanks!


    1. I look forward to your post and your take on the subject! :). Maybe theres something in the air thats calling forward this subject at the moment?
      thanks for your response to my post & painting. I like the grass is greener take on it! Its always been intriguing to me, the magic of beauty. What it is variously and how it impacts us. For me – it usually results in an opening heart.


      1. I posted my blog today so it should be in your “feed”. The ideas had been brewing for awhile and grew out of an on-line discussion I had with another artist in addition to just my own experiences and perceptions. There’s many more concepts I’d like to explore such as the sense of loss of community people feel with urban expansion; the lack of “real” contact and increasing reliance on social media platforms for connections etc. which I think are leading people to a “yearning” for something greater which nature can provide. Let me know if you have trouble finding the blog. Have a nice evening or day depending on when you read this.


      2. I agree with so much of what you’re saying. I think a large part of the challenges we face in the first world are as a result of a loss if connection with the natural world. We’ve become so insulated


      3. Oops (I hit send accidentally) ….we’ve become insulated in many ways. Like driving straight into the garage and into the house without stepping outside let alone directly onto the soil. I wonder how much of the rain ends up back in the sea without touching a natural surface?


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