If you wish…

“if you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand” ~ Jack Kornfield

My latest painting in the Woodpecker Bay series “Sunrise Tides” – oil on canvas, 20x40cm.

You can see more of my paintings at http://www.ianhamlin.co.nz

15 thoughts on “If you wish…

  1. How lovely, you seem to me to have encompassed so many different visual images that attract the eye and take your mind to places of comfort, strength and even premonition in my humble opinion of course! Congratulations from England.


  2. Love this. It reminds me of the Oregon Coast on the west coast of the USA. The rocks in the see in this painting are more more larger than they are in Oregon. I’m sure they invoke the same feelings. Nicely done


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