Hey You!

this blogging thing has been a revelation to me…

For one who has always hidden behind my paintings its been something of a ‘coming out’. Its thrown up some challenges, exposures and opened up a whole new world. But surprisingly I have to say, I’m liking it, and I’m humbled…

Its incredible to see how many people are checking in from every place on earth – I just want to say a huge thank you to all who’ve called in, liked and followed ‘Life and Light’, for all the kind things you’ve said and shared. It is truly amazing how its just taking off, February has shattered all records!

Not only but also….an especially big hug of gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has really gone that extra mile and taken a painting home, it means so much to me. Thank you!

Thanks too for your light and inspiration….

And last but not least to Kuri for getting me up and out every morning to see the sunrise!

13 thoughts on “Hey You!

  1. I recently started blogging too and I’m finding it really rewarding. The reason why I started was to get better at talking about my art, I used to find it impossible to say anything about it. Now with a solo exhibition coming up I feel I do have things to say about all my paintings! I’ve had to think more deeply about what I’m doing and what I find the essence of each work to be.


    1. I can so relate to your experience, its one of my regrets about not going to art school. Ive also found teaching painting has helped articulate the often instinctive process. Good luck with your show…. And with speaking about your work!

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  2. Nice thanks Ian. Love your stuff and agree with blogging opening up our worlds. It is amazing to have contact with people all over the world isn’t it. My blogging is encouraging my photography (totally amateur!) which I love. Your gift to paint is to be treasured. Congratulations for it all. 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot, you are so kind!
      I agree it’s quite something to connect around the world like this. It makes the planet so much smaller – it can be quite profound when I think about it.
      The blogging has been awesome in the way it has really connected me to my work a lot more and at the same time encouraged me out of my studio and into the world in a very dynamic and inspiring kind of way.


  3. Sorry – strangely I didn’t see Kuri in the original post?! Anyway I’ve seen her now prior to getting your reply and was going to say Huntaway x once I saw her photo. I suspect maybe even some Border Collie in there. She’s beautiful and looks like a gentle soul.


    1. You’re right she is a beautiful gentle soul. Something of a troubled one in her early years – abandonment issues I think! and can get anxious still. But she’s super friendly and loving, talks a lot!


      1. Yes it was one of those almost surreal mornings, especially here in Wellington which is famous for its wind, when there was an eerie calm and low cloud over the hills. Magic!


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