Heart to heart


I found this from Amanda Palmer on Brain Pickings (really is worth checking it out) and it got me thinking…..

Throughout my 37 years of calling myself an artist this has been a constantly burning question, why do I paint? What is the urge that makes me do this?

oil on canvas, 25.5x76cm, SOLD
“Koru” – oil on canvas, 25.5 x 76cm

When I’m out there, usually by myself, and the light touches me and opens my heart – I feel the pull to share that joy, to connect my experience with another in some way. To me a photograph just doesn’t seem to do it somehow, there needs to be the digestion, the breathing that happens through the painting process. The aliveness born into it that reaches out and touches into someone else….. and a connection is made.

Heart to Heart.

…..I love it when that happens!

you can see more of my paintings at http://www.ianhamlin.co.nz

11 thoughts on “Heart to heart

      1. You know what I think? I think we all have art down on the inside of us. I do. I believe some people die never expressing it and others, like yourself spend a lifetime sweet talking with your paintbrush! I’ve been an artist since I was 6, I drew my first bird. That’s what I do for a living, just more commercial. Nothing like what you are doing, but nonetheless I’m happy! So awesome to run across you!


      2. I agree, we all have it inside us. It just comes out in different ways according to who we take ourselves to be – and how much we allow it too! It’s lovely to connect…


      3. I just thought how my comment could be taken wrongly. I meant our creator like the big guy upstairs! I wanted to clarify. I need to read before I hit send.


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