“Kia Kaha – Stand Tall”, oil on canvas, 90x30cm

“I think it is a beautiful thing to recognize that the human soul has the potential to feel and be utterly complete. You see, the Brilliancy is our nature, the brilliance of who and what we are. That completeness, that contentment, that sort of complete deliciousness, happens by completely abiding in our nature, our Being, by not going out of ourselves. We find it by realizing presence itself. It is not found by trying to get pleasure or presence, or by trying to enjoy the presence. It is just being the presence.”

~ A.H. Almaas, co-founder of the Diamond Approach, From Brilliancy: The Essence of Intelligence

Its simple really!

14 thoughts on “Brilliance!

  1. Hey there Ianhamlin. I love the painting, poppies have long been the subject of some of my most favourite pictures/paintings/photos on my walls. The words……omg how deep but I see where you are coming from I think. Probably need to come back and read again as my head is presently filled with the crap life stuff we all have to go through. Anyhow, nice to be checking your blog again and hope you are good. Cheers


  2. I think you are describing Sattva which is : Definition of SATTVA. : the purity and wisdom constituting and leading to true enlightenment.It is the purest form of joy you will ever experience.


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