When you’re ready….

Its always good to reconnect with my paintings  theyre so much a part of me. Even if they’re looking a little sad!  

I’ve just had this painting sent back to me by its owner in Christchurch. It was damaged in the earthquakes down there. Fortunately the damage was relatively minor and limited to around the edges – which these box canvases are susceptible to anyway, and happily I was able to return it to its original state.

I feel deeply for the people of Christchurch, they have really suffered. With around 20,000 sizeable earthquakes and the city in ruins for four years now it’s hard to imagine the toll it’s taken. So much loss, uncertainty and change.

The rebuilding process has been incredibly slow. You have to admire the people there for their strength and resilience…..and also the creativity that is emerging.

It got me thinking that there are possibly quite a few of my paintings that were lost or damaged in the quakes. So if you have one that looks a little beaten up, get in touch with me and I’ll see if I can make it as good as new again, it may be easier than you think!

Just when you’re ready…

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