Coming to my senses on retreat in California. I’m struck by the different sounds and songs of the birds that are foreign to me… And how much their songs are a soundtrack to my life, how this gently permeates my consciousness and lifts my spirit.

“Summer Visitors – Shining Cuckoo”. Oil on canvas, 20x20cm

And just as I have flown half way round the world to hear this birdsong, the Shining Cuckoo does the same – it flies across the oceans to sing to me and become the sound of my summer.

“Everything in existence is crying out for a particular quality of consciousness that only humans can give. This doesn’t mean we are superior to nature, only that there’s an incredible need for a certain cooperation.

The famous mystic Rudolph Steiner has said that for the agricultural process to happen, for seeds and plants, and trees to grow, birdsong is absolutely essential. This is a beautiful truth that very few people know. But we also need to take what he said one stage further, because birds call and sing not only to quicken plants: they also call to awaken the human seed that we are. They are actually singing for our sake as well.

If we can start to listen to them, really listen, they will draw us into this greater consciousness I have been talking about. They will be our teachers, because nature is able to point us to our inner nature.  We are called to be there. When we can listen to what the birds have to say, to what nature has to say, and when we perceive the beauty of nature, then we are conpleting the circle and returning this physical world to its source through our own consciousness.”

–Peter Kingsley in an interview with PARABOLA, Spring 2006 from the issue “Coming To Our Senses.”

Via Parabola Magazine:

5 thoughts on “Birdsong

  1. I’ve been listening carefully to the birds for weeks now, taking the pulse of the season through their calls. Very nice post!


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