Cliftons Art Prize

For the past few years I’ve had the honour of being one of the Judges for the Cliftons Art Prize. Centred on the major cities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong there are regional prizes for each city and one overall winner.

Overall winner 2014
Overall winner 2014

The entries are always very diverse which makes the judging more difficult but they have a great online system for it and its a lot of fun – even as judges we have no idea of the outcome till they’re announced. 

Wellington Winner 2011

Each centre has an exhibition of the local finalists, which in Wellington at least is always very interesting.

Wellington winner 2012

In Australia the cities involved are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, with Wellington and Auckland from New Zealand.

Wellington Winner 2014
Wellington Winner 2014

The prizes are pretty good too!

So if you want to get involved, entries close on 31 July.  You can see all the information you need to enter, and the entries received so far, at

6 thoughts on “Cliftons Art Prize

      1. I meant to say bit of admin confusion with my blog – changed my user name and it seems to have created a new blog! Shall have to sort that one out. So, I am still over at “The escape artist” at the moment. Cheers, Deborah


      2. I bet your brain is brimming with ideas after Yosemite. Ironically, although a Kiwi, I grew up in California but when my family went to Yosemite I took a trip to NZ so missed going there – looks amazing.


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