We are One

It was great to get into the fresh, clear and wintery air of the South Island and the hot pools at Hanmer Springs. There is nothing like a trip into the wilds to open your heart…

“It is essential to acknowledge that the Earth is not unfeeling matter, but a living being that has given us life. Then we get a feeling of the Earth that is alive, as a soul, as a sacred being. We will be guided by the cry of the world, by the need of the world, by the openness of our own hearts.

Our breath, our heartbeat is also part of the breath and heartbeat of the world. We are one.” 

— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Spiritual Ecology.org

The stunning morning light over the village was worth an early rise in the winter chill for and a trip over the Lewis Pass to a dip in the Japanese baths and natural hot pools at Maruia Springs in the heart of the beech forest is always worth it!

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then, just after we left, it snowed!

Snow at Hanmer Springs (photo:MetService)


13 thoughts on “We are One

  1. all these were enchanting! What lovely photographs you took 🙂 Golden Dawn Light over Hanmer just really resonated with me. It made me feel like I need to GO there. Thanks for sharing Ian.


  2. Looks magical and I was really moved by the Vaughan-Lee quote – an eloquent reminder about priorities, our role and appreciation.


    1. Thanks Deborah, it truly is magical! especially in the beech forest through there (unfortunately I didn’t get any decent photos of it). I really got the feeling of our inter connectedness, our oneness with the earth and Llewellyn says it much better than I could!

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