Into the Blue

One of the joys of this life is reconnecting with my paintings again. When they turn up in my studio its like seeing family after a few years away. 

“Into the Blue V” is the latest one to come home. It is one of a series I did from Santorini in the Greek Islands. The big blue skies and clear blue water created a sense of spaciousness that seems eternal. The old fishing boats added that humble quietness that speaks of a slower, more traditional life, a gentle peace and contemplation. 


“Into the Blue V” – Santorini, oil on canvas, 90 x 60cm
Because the oil paint takes around a year to fully dry I ask my clients to bring them back to me after that time has elapsed so that I can varnish them. Every now and then they do! 

So if you have one of my paintings please check the label on the back, and if it hasn’t been varnished bring it back to me. Varnishing not only protects the painted surface but it brings the painting back to life.
……and I get to have a bit of family time!

10 thoughts on “Into the Blue

  1. Love the rich colours and application ..Beautiful. It brought back memories of doing photography as part of my course 30 odd ears ago where I submited something similar . The water can have some amazing reflections but yours is truely a work of art.


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