Taking off

I take off for the hills

where gulls circle

and soar in the thermals

as if caught

in the sky’s blue plughole

and their flight’s elan

where the nor’wester

flips off the ridges

and the tussock’s

restless and shines

on the hillsides,

inland Otago’s

vast acres

browning in the sun.

I take off for the hills

to escape the rage

of my neighbour’s mower

savaging grass,

to find some breathing space,

and find the wonder is

wonder hasn’t died,

happiness beckons,

and the wind in the tussock murmurs

And not before time.

~ Brian Turner, from ‘Taking Off’

Drylands - St Mary's Range Central Otago
Drylands – St Mary’s Range Central Otago
“Drylands” – St Mary’s Range, Central Otago, oil on canvas, 30 x 90 cm

“Drylands” is one of two paintings I’ll be putting into this years Island Bay School Art Auction, I’m putting a low reserve on it so it’s a great opportunity to take home one of my paintings, help fund the school’s art program and get yourself a bargain! Happiness beckons!

Check out the auction website here

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