A Touch of Colour

Last week I went back to school!

Touch of Colour at Roseneath School, – Cook Strait News
playing with paint – Cook Strait News
It was a lot of fun and those kids had really done their homework! They knew a lot about me and my work already and asked some very intelligent and searching questions! I was really put on the spot for twenty minutes of intense questioning.

It’s so good to see them so engaged and excited about their creativity and to have the school invite us artists in to share our experiences is a special thing too. We ran out of time for me to see them finish their work but it was coming along well when we had to stop, and what an inspiring place to have a school! We went outside to get a feel of the essence of the Harbour view but it was right there in all its glory from the classroom window, simply stunning!

Thanks to Tess and the school for inviting us into their world, it was a great day!

Article is from the Cook Strait News, thanks to Sam Duff.

10 thoughts on “A Touch of Colour

  1. So wonderful to give time to children, Many years ago I did a huge poster of a dragon with a class of children. It was a wonderful to see such enthusiasm from the children.


  2. Hooray for you for inspiring young minds! I can imagine it was a treat for all who were there! I’m a firm believer these little one dazzle us with their fresh zeal and zest for life…it’s contagious! I’m so happy for you! πŸ˜„ I think you should get and A for awesome inspiration! πŸ˜„


      1. I’m happy for you! I think this is a good age to inspire them to paint or do whatever art is on the inside of them! I wish more parents did this! I did with my girl! She can paint and draw. Not like you of course but her own kind of art. I love that so much! Yay for you! Who knows the seeds you planted will sprout up another Picasso or

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