“Autumn Undercurrents” – oil on canvas, 60x60cm

“the most important thing

we bring to another person is the

silence in us. Not the sort of silence

that is filled with unspoken criticism

or hard withdrawal. The silence that

is a place of refuge of rest, of

acceptance of someone as they are.”
~Rachel Naomi Rem

27 thoughts on “Undercurrents

  1. Hi Ian, I did think this was a photograph at first look, then realized it is one of your oils. Quite amazing and beautiful. I love the clarity and the colors you’ve chosen and words about silence are perfect for your piece.

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  2. I really love these colors. It certainly makes me think of peace which made me think of you…. I sent you a response to your comment and invited her to Artist 4 Peace blog. My friends Gigi and Melanie have this wonderful site that shares about Peace and art spreading this message. I know that you would love it. They are taking submissions now and thought of you this morning. Here’s their blog address and email so you can, if you feel to BLOG address:

    https://artists4peace.wordpress.com email artists4peaceproject@gmail.com

    Have a super weekend! 😀


  3. When I begin my meditation session, I often imagine pebbles – just below the surface of the water – your painting reminds me of that. And, also it evokes that same blissful feeling. Beautiful!


    1. ….connecting with the silence in us….. I remember, what I think of now as one of my first spiritual experiences as a child just sitting silently by a stream, connected to the bliss of oneness.


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