Creating an impression…

Wellington Harbour from Roseneath… both painted a number of years ago. One in oils and the other in pastel, but on days similar to when I recently visited Roseneath School for  A Touch of Colour

“Sailing” – Wellington Harbour from Roseneath – oil on board, 400 x 600mm, 1986
"September Sun" - Wellington Harbour from Roseneath", pastel on board, 460 x 710mm, 1990
“September Sun” – Wellington Harbour from Roseneath”, pastel on board, 460 x 710mm, 1990

Last night was the chance to see the results of the day spent there with an exhibition at Roseneath School of the kids work. It was really good to see their work and hear how inspired they’d been.

They’re 9 & 10 year olds and I have to say their efforts were impressive for the way they had really engaged with their brief of capturing the mood of the harbour on the day and how that spoke to them.

Here are a few of their paintings….

   You have to agree that they’ve certainly created an impression!

18 thoughts on “Creating an impression…

  1. What a great project Ian! I thinks it’s wonderful how in their different ways all the kids have managed to suggest life and energy in their paintings! Just hope they’re not trained out of their natural approach!


    1. I hope so too! The school is really arts focussed and I was impressed that the teacher who guided them through to completion has also impressed upon them the freedom to express themselves however they wanted to. It’s very inspirational to me too!

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