A different kind of creativity!

I’ve just returned from a few days down South at “Hou Ngahere” being Bob the Builder! Making a start on my new studio down there. I’m very excited to (eventually) have a dedicated painting space – although it will also double as guest accommodation. A big Thanks to my mate and site boss, Alex – who actually did most of the digging!

Alex taking a break from the spade
the view from the deck over the olive grove
the digging nearly killed us and the twenty holes were eerily reminiscent of a war cemetery….
nearly ready for the decking and flooring – a job for the summer!
Not really sure when it’ll be finished, I’ll do a bit more on each visit, but its going to be very inspirational to be painting there as the sun rises over the estuary listening to the ‘dawn chorus’.

15 thoughts on “A different kind of creativity!

    1. A lot of backache has already been endured, cuts, scratches and bruises! But watching the ever changing light over the estuary makes you feel at one with the planet, the opening heart heals the wounds!

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  1. It looks so beautiful and peacful what a lovely place to be painting all I can say is lucky you! It will be worth all the hard yakka!


  2. Looks like a really inspiring place to paint from Ian (congrats!) and worth the back pain! Funnily enough we’re doing the same thing right now – creating a studio near the forest. Expected to be completed by Christmas. Will post pics further down the track.


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