One small step…

They’re in! Every single one of the 500 trees supplied by the Wellington City Council are now happily ensconced in their new home, the Buckley Road Reserve. Thanks to all that gave a helping hand. We had some good weather and a great mix of new and familiar faces, young and old, Maranui scones and coffee! For all the years we’ve been at it we’re now really starting to see the bush and birds return to the valley better than ever. . Its very very satisfying….

The Friends of Buckley Road Reserve planting 2015
The Friends of Buckley Road Reserve planting 2015

I remember the first Arbor Day planting I was involved in back when I was about 11, those trees are now fully grown and part of what is now the Riverside Drive park in the Hutt Valley at Moonshine. Unfortunately they were eucalyptus not native Totara and others like we’re planting now – but that day has inspired me to plant thousands of trees over my lifetime.

Looking across the valley
Looking across the valley 
new native seedlings alongside those planted last year in the gentle watering rain
the empties
yahoo….the empties!

I feel good that these kids helping today will look back with pride at the forest in Houghton Valley, knowing it was one small step towards saving the Planet!

9 thoughts on “One small step…

  1. Congratulations. What a worthwhile endeavor. Being a Gaia boy I feel this energy coming through. I’m so happy that people are taking an interest in being outdoors with nature which always satisfied me. Be well.


  2. Let’s see if this comment sticks! Previously wrote – looks amazing and what a great achievement and team effort! I I’m visiting a similar initiative this week (WEATHER PERMITTING). Those scones sure sound good too. 🙂


  3. ABSOLUTELY brilliant! What a great achievement. So nice to see the team work and those beautiful trees! Weather-permitting I am visiting a similar initiative this week and will post a blog about it soon. Those scones sure sound good!


    1. Orange and Date from the World famous Maranui Surf Club Cafe, they’re more than delicious! And the planting was good too… It’s always a good opportunity to catch up with the neighbours and meet some new ones too!

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