The Hope of Spring

The prunus always gives us the first sign of spring in the garden, and its here now with its delicate blossoms in the cold damp air. The rising energy that the new season brings. It feels warmer and sunnier already! Its the hope of new life…

The Hope of Spring
The Hope of Spring
Signs of Spring in the garden
Signs of Spring in the garden

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” ~ John Muir

Theres something like spring in the air…. or at least in the garden!

9 thoughts on “The Hope of Spring

  1. Fall painting leaves begin. I love fall it is above all my favorite season with the smell of the first fire in old and idle fireplaces. We have had a hot unusual summer that we have not seen and hopefully not in the future. Our spring was long and drawn out and beautiful. I wish you a slow scenic journey through your spring. You can never tell with you but are these photos as I don’t think you would paint three of the same thing. Are these your photos?

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  2. Sigh… when I see you folk in the southern hemisphere welcoming spring my heart slumps just a little… soon it will be autumn here and we’ve not had a decent summer! Sigh! 😉


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