New life…new hope

A forest in the car, taking delivery of the first batch of the season, 225 new trees……

In an attempt to mitigate the carbon burnt on travel to retreat in San Francisco, our Diamond Approach retreat group, the IRG, regularly contribute to a ‘Trees for Travel’ fund to purchase trees…. 

And here they are!

a forest in the car! Kate and Koa with the 225 new trees

I planted a few red beeches at Easter but it was still a little dry, the long summer meant we haven’t had much Autumn rain yet. We’ll be planting another 3-400 over the next few months.

a selfie with red beech and spade in hand!
This year we’ve also been helped by a large donation by Desert Dharma who raised the funds from their Sky-Mind insight meditation trip to Bhutan. 

Its a fantastic feeling of empowerment to plant all these trees and regrow the lungs of the planet! 

9 thoughts on “New life…new hope

  1. Ian… this is great! I’ve neglected your blog so it’s great to catch up. (My like/icon isn’t showing up on some wordpress sites but at least I can still comment 🙂 Take care!!


      1. Your site has changed a bit from what I remember – looks great (then and now)! This journey/life is so interesting and often feels like time fly’s. So much amazing out there. 🙂


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