Unintended consequences

Places that changed my life: A few years ago, with a group of neighbours, I spent 8 days on the yacht called the ‘Breaksea Girl’ travelling through the Fiordland National Park in the World Heritage Area. We went from Doubtful to Dusky Sound. Sailing through these majestic waterways which included a stint on the Southern Ocean. Sailing with a pod of Orcas was a magical connection. This is an awesome experience at once opening my heart with the wonder of an untouched wilderness and the drama of the wild ocean matched with the stillness of the grand Fiords and the raw power of all those waterfalls…. it was like we could’ve been the first people there, it was timeless.

These are some of the paintings arising out of that trip……

….to spend this time in an untouched wilderness really made me appreciate the incredible beauty, the intricate and delicate relationships of our planets ecology. But my heart was saddened by the silence of the birds.

They have been predated by introduced pests, stoats, rats, deer and possums, the Midnight Marauders encroaching from other places and other eras. The unintended consequences of our actions that touch deeply into the otherwise pristine.

we just don’t know what we’re doing….

You can see more of paintings here….

2 thoughts on “Unintended consequences

  1. I know the area. Your images present it’s beauty perfectly. Yes, even in clean, green New Zealand, the balance of Nature continues to be disruptive. But we are also part of Nature, not some outside observer. We are cogs in the machine – active ingredients -atoms in the chain reaction. Sally


    1. We do indeed have our place in the nature of things and to somehow find away to bring more mindfulness to that. We can’t always know what the outcomes of our actions will be and I’m sure those that came before us would have thought differently if they’d had today’s knowledge!


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