The Vagra is a powerful symbol in the Buddhist world as the diamond thunderbolt of wisdom that cuts through ignorance in a flash of light – The Vagra handles of the newly installed power station at Ngahere Hou represent a great way to open the doors to our new solar power I think! Our place in the Marlborough Sounds is ideally situated for solar power with a north facing hillside in the region with the highest annual sunshine hours. We capture every diamond of solar energy available…

Currently with 8 of the 12 new panels installed. The other four will be attached once the house is in place, since it will need to be craned over the top of the array! But even on half capacity we have so much power now it’s tempting to revert to old habits like leaving the lights on! The old panels will be removed and used to power my new roadside studio gallery.

sunshine stored….

…..Set to go for a life off the grid, all controlled from the mobile phone!

much gratitude to Paul Mander, electrician for doing such a great job on the hill… now the house awaits!

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