Bringing it on home

After nearly two years since we first saw our architect and the day finally arrived last week…. our house was due for delivery!

The bulk of the construction of the six pods that make up the house being done at the builders yard an hours drive away at Mahakipawa.

Our craftsman Builder David Kepes getting started…

This was to save on travel time, freight and other costs since the builders yard is much closer to town…

once they’ve done as much as they can do offsite the pods will then be picked up and brought out on a convoy of trucks and craned into place. Meanwhile out on site here the foundations were laid and waiting….

Some serious work on the driveway was done and a temporary crane pad was then excavated in preparation for getting all this heavy equipment and a house up our steep hill! A serious challenge that…

Everything is ready now. The biggest test will be whether the crane can make it up the hill? Everything depends on this! If not we’ll be living in the builders yard! There is no plan B.

Here’s the cranes support vehicle fully extending itself to get up!

But the crane’s arrival was a breeze! So we’re over the first hurdle! Our Swiss Shepherd, Koa loves diggers and cranes! She’s always there keeping an eye on things.

Everything is ready, now we’re all just waiting here for the convoy to arrive….including the TV cameras. The project is being filmed for the “Grand Designs” program – just to add to the nerves and tension!

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