Vulnerability and hopelessness descended on me as I watched helplessly as fire engulfed our power shed a couple of weeks ago…

We’d had a week of dreadful weather and a team of builders onsite so the generator had kicked in to give the solar batteries a boost when the lights began to flicker and the generator stopped. Thinking it had run out of petrol I went out to find smoke billowing from the shed!

While Kate phoned the rural fire brigade I did all I could with the garden hose in a vain attempt to quell the flames. In the darkness I went over on my ankle which shattered in three places! All I could do was drag myself away from the heat and watch in despair as the shed with all our solar gear inside went up in flames, feeling totally disempowered…on a very traumatic night and with an extremely painful ankle!

By the time the fire fighters arrived, the shed, the generator and our entire system was just a molten heap on the ground. Our stoic neighbour Godfrey had kept the fire from spreading anywhere else and our new house just above was saved. The firefighters got my ankle strapped up while Kate phoned the air ambulance!

Another trip in the rescue helicopter and a few days in hospital where a pile of metalwork was implanted in my ankle followed. I have to say a big thank you to the great guys on the helicopter and the fantastic staff at Wairau Hospital as I look forward to six weeks on one foot!

The fire inspector put it down to a mechanical malfunction in the generator motor. But in the incredible heat of the fire there was very little left. Fortunately the insurance company have come in behind us and our electrician Paul Mander has gone above and beyond the call of duty as we’re just about to get back online with a new shed and system. But this time with the back up diesel generator in a separate shed altogether!

In the meantime I’m on the way back, learning to slow down and how to walk like a pirate!

17 thoughts on “Disempowerment!

    1. Thanks Bert, yes the insurance and the electrician came through and we’re back up and running now, such a relief! My ankle is healing well too and I’m back on my own two feet at last! Still hobbling though but feeling the strength returning, RE-empowered!

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  1. Painting „a new dawn“ arrived safely in Copenhagen.

    Hello Ian, Just thought I‘d let you know that we got the painting safely to Copenhagen. Looks great on our living room wall.

    Sorry to read about the fire in your shed.

    Could you please send me a receipt/ proof of purchase for the painting by email if ever we need it?

    Thanks very much in advance.

    Best regards



    1. Thank you! We’re on the mend now. I’m hoping to begin walking again next week. The instance, the builder and especially the electrician have been superb and we’re back empowered again. Its been a dark winter for sure!

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      1. Good to hear that all is good!
        I can well imagine a painting or two in the making… the fire, the dark and dark to light!!
        Looking forward to seeing how you interpret the dark muse’s visit! 😉


      1. Oh wow I know how that rehab goes. I broke my L3 vertebrae 2 years ago and that was slow going but bodies are amazing how they heal and I am and I know you will be too 🙏🏼🦋


  2. I am so terribly sorry for the trauma to body and soul and for the death of the power shed.
    Praying that your injury heals quickly and completely. Ever so thankful that your new home
    was unscathed. SarahZ.

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  3. Ian, I’m so glad you and yours are on the mend after such a trying scare and that your home was untouched. A reminder to us all of how fortunes can so quickly change unexpectedly. 330,000 acres where I live presently, were turned to ash about 15 years ago and only now have things begun to fully recover. May you have blessings anew in the days ahead.

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