To love again.

“Into the Light” – Punakaiki West Coast, oil on canvas, 37 x 75cm

I spent three days waiting in the pouring rain for some sun, early the next day I was returning to Wellington. Right at the end of the last day there was light – just for an hour, but it was magic… was love!

“To paint is to love again.   It’s only when we look with eyes of love that we see as the painter sees. His is a love, moreover, which is free of possessiveness. What the painter sees he is duty-bound to share. Usually he makes us see and feel what ordinarily we ignore or are immune to. His manner of approaching the world tells us, in effect, that nothing is vile or hideous, nothing is stale, flat and unpalatable unless it be our own power of vision.

To see is not merely to look. One must look-see. See into and around.” ~ Henry Miller

Three days just looking in,

and around.

I am duty bound.

12 thoughts on “To love again.

  1. “Right at the end of the day,” or the first morning light, I agree with you it’s worth the wait. Maybe other people wait around for that 30-45 min widow where the heavens open up and it’s my favorite time of the day! Last night I was caught off guard without my camera and only had my iPhone the sky turned so many shades of red. There was a cold front moving in and that is perfect for the reds in Oklahoma. I love that you paint these. Wow. Wonderful talent. I admire that! Thank you for visiting my blog and for following me. I am following you now! I don’t want to miss those moments you share that make yo silent! 😀 Blessings on your day! MM


    1. Thank you MichelleMarie. The “window when the heavens open up” ……You can lose yourself in those moments, my favourite time too! I’m looking forward to our WordPress connection, thanks for following me too! 🙂


      1. You are so right and I do, as do you, I see.
        As I’m typing I noticed the trees in your header art, looks like long trundles of curls in the wind. I imagine they are leaning growing toward the sun maybe. Oh and the flowers growing on top of a rock. I’ll be, I have to stare at that to let it sink in. 😀
        Thank you so much for the peek into your world. Looks like a lovely place!


      2. These trees are moulded by the wind from the sea! It’s one of my favourite places and one I’ve painted many times now – it’s kind of got under my skin and it is a lovely place. The painting is part of a series called ‘facing the wind’ which I started around the time my father died. It speaks of how life sometimes moulds you and you bend to its shape or other times you stand tall and just flex with it. Thanks so much for your lovely appreciation MichelleMarie.


      3. Wow it must be really windy to mould a tree. I never thought about that before. I’m learning all sorts of new things at your place. My Pa passed way 3 years ago. I was his caregiver so I know what you mean about bending, shaping and almost nearly breaking, but you don’t. I cannot think of a more beautiful way to express the being rooted and grounded then this. Not only by the foundation your dad instilled in you, but also your heavenly Father. It shows beautifully. What a nice reflection of both! I’m headed to dream land! Blessings on your day new friend from Paradise! 😀


      4. Thank you so much. ‘Facing the Wind’ has almost become my signature tune, but it’s ok because it says so much about life sometimes you just stand tall and bend with it!


  2. The breath of the artist on canvas is vividly felt in this painting. It looks so real that it is hard to believe a paint brush and the artist have produced this with love. And you are right it is felt by others as well. Be well.


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