Embrace the Mystery!

Some of the places you have to go to do painting commissions are pretty cool, and this is up there as one of them! Tulum Playa, Mexico….

Putting my feet up after walking the beach, 5k each way in the baking heat!

It’s the weed season straight in from the USA apparently….

and it’s turtle nesting season, it’s great to see the care they’re taking to protect the turtle nests on a busy beach.

Looking for a sign? The beach has lots of signs for massages and yoga sessions and all manner of meditations and the healing arts… there’s bound to be a sign that right for the occasion, even if you’re a turtle!

This is the sign!

Now to embrace the mystery of what unfolds as I do the painting…….!

9 thoughts on “Embrace the Mystery!

    1. It is incredible how life can throw up the unexpected contrasts! Even on the night, from enjoying a movie with our neighbours to absolute chaos and emergency services in just a few minutes!

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